SFIA Professional Contractor Certification Program
Structural and Nonstructural Steel Construction
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Forms & Fees

Forms & Fees

Certification Applications

Program Fees

Nonstructural Certification                                                                             $600
Additional Offices* (per office)                                                                     $200

Structural Certification (includes nonstructural certification)                          $750
Additional Offices* (per office)                                                                       $300
Truss Fabricator Certification $1,000

*For information about special pricing for multiple offices, or for a mixture of structural and nonstructural certifications, please contact us.

Testing Fees*

Nonstructural Only                                                                                         $200
Structural and Nonstructural                                                                           $300
Truss Fabricator $300

*Test fee is included with initial certification. Additional fees apply only when certifying multiple locations.

Annual Recertification Fees

Nonstructural Only                                                                                         $395
Structural and Nonstructural                                                                           $495
Truss Fabricators $495
Per Additional Office                                                                                      $200

Required Forms

SFIA Code of Ethics
SFIA Safety Program Affidavit
SFIA Quality Assurance System Affidavit
Observation Protocol – Nonstructural
Observation Protocol – Structural
Observation Protocol – Truss Fabrication

Test Resources

The certification exams require a strong working knowledge of cold-formed steel construction principles and techniques. The following are recommended reference materials to prepare:


SFIA/AWCI Membership

In order to obtain contractor certification, you must be a member of the Steel Framing Industry Association and the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry*. Apply here:


*Truss fabricators require SFIA membership only.