SFIA Professional Contractor Certification Program
Structural and Nonstructural Steel Construction
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The SFIA Certification Program for Professional Contractors and Truss Fabricators

The SFIA Contractor Certification Program enables professional contractors and truss to distinguish themselves in the competitive landscape by demonstrating proficiency in cold-formed steel (CFS) framing. Certified SFIA contractors receive recognition for continuous improvement, education and training, and quality control systems – all of which are independently verified via a written test and rigorous observation of CFS installation techniques.

Certified contractors adhere to the SFIA Quality Management System and Code of Ethics, which promote industry standards that ultimately lower costs and speed approvals. In return, they are provided with marketing resources and promotional support to increase their reach to design professionals, general contractors and owners looking for proven CFS expertise. 

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Program Details


Steel Framing Industry Association members who are professional CFS contractors and truss fabricators are eligible to become certified. If you are not currently an SFIA member, we invite you to join now to take advantage of this national program.

Certified contractors are also members of the Association of the Walls and Ceilings Industry.


Certification is a straightforward process designed to measure your CFS experience and expertise:

  1. Complete a program application and pay the program fee.

  2. Take a comprehensive online exam.

  3. Provide safety program documentation.

  4. Undergo an on-site observation of your CFS skills and adherence to standards by a licensed engineer.


SFIA-certified contractors and truss fabricators become part of a national referral program targeted to design professionals, CFS and component manufacturers, specifiers, general contractors, and owners. In addition, the SFIA provides marketing and promotional tools that can use to expand their reach and create lasting partnerships in the construction industry.


SFIA Certification signifies our commitment to standards, training, and quality in cold-formed steel construction.
— Travis Vap, CEO, South Valley Drywall, Inc.


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